Choosing the Best Online Casino

The simple fact is that it can be hard to pick the right casino, little lone the best one. When you go searching around looking for a casino to play at and there is so many to pick from it leaves you wondering if this is really the best one. Well in the UK now the online casinos must be licensed which does give a bit of false trust. Thinking just because it is licensed it is a good place to gambler. The fact is that online casinos can not operate in the UK unless they are licensed which means they pay taxes. Some have found that the fees are to high and decided they do not need the business bad enough.

Why? Well that is because they are one of the best and have a large enough player base with long term users. So they don’t see it being worth it to pay the fees that the UK government wants. I look for in the future all will get licenses but it will be when more areas open up. There is a few that are decent however a mistake is made by players quite often. They go to one place and sign up and then move to another and keep bouncing around trying to claim money at all thinking they are getting the best deals. Wrong, you get them when you stay at one site for a long time. They reward those players higher than any other promotion you may find out there.

So lets examine the current online casino sites available to play in the UK. We have a few that have been operating for a long time and had some of the highest jackpot winners. One in mind is golden tiger, it is part of a large group which does have a few other casinos but this is the main one which we do highly recommend. Other choices would be casino classic, betway but that one just have the biggest winner ever so it may not be playing to well now. Hard to say, but when you have such a massive win the coin in and out is messed up. A newer one is casino cruise and they do have more games that other casinos operating under a multi-platform software so might be a good option. It is sort of a trial and error process but really if the casino does not pay today it most likely will pay another day. Recently I tried a casino and I was down thinking oh this casino will never pay as it is way to tight. I decided to keep trying it for a couple weeks and eventually I did hit a rather large win, that day it was paying. This is gambling, hitting the machines at the right time and on the right day can lead to mass wins on very small starting balances.